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Oct 20, 2012 10:05pm EDT
>> governor. >> and those grants which make it possible for states and local communities to clean up rivers and harbors and streams. [applause] >> mr. vice president, jimmy carter has called this the worst campaign ever. richard nixon has called it trivial, superficial, and inane. whoever started down this road first, of negative campaigning, the american people, from all reports coming to us, are completely fed up. now, do you have any solutions to suggest? is there time left to fix it? there are 26 days left. for instance, would you agree to another debate, before it's all over, so that the american people would have another chance before election day to compare you two? >> no. i will not agree to another debate. the american people are up to here with debates. they had thirty of them. we had seven of them. now we've got three of them. i am going to carry this election debate all across this country in the last whatever remains of the last three and a half weeks, or whatever we have and the answer is no. i am not going to have any more debates, we don't need any more debates. i've spelled
Oct 20, 2012 8:35pm EDT
, that provides real support for local law enforcement officers, do it in a way which will bring down violence in this nation, will help our youngsters to stay away from drugs, will stop this avalanche of drugs pouring into the country and will make it possible for our kids and our family to grow up in safe, secure, and decent neighborhoods. >> mr. vice president, your one-minute rebutal. >> a lot of what this campaign is about it seems to me, mr. bernie is a question of values. here i have on this particular question a big difference with my opponent. you see, i do believe that some crimes are so heinous, so brew that, so outrageous and i would say particularly those that result in the death of a police officer. say when those real brutal crimes i do believe in the death penalty. and i think it is a deterrent. and i believe we need it. and i'm glad that the congress moved on this drug bill and finally called for all that related to these narcotics drug king pens. and so we just have an honest difference of opinion. i support it. and he doesn't. >> now to you, vice president bush. i quote to y
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)